I don’t know about you but I feel like every weekend there’s a birthday, engagement party, bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, bar mitzvah or farewell and I’m forever scrambling to rustle up gifts!

Don’t get me wrong, I love giving presents but I’m almost contemplating adding it to my weekly budget! It’s been getting out of hand.

So confession time! Of late I’ve been thrifting my gifts…some vintage Country Road shot glasses for a friend’s 30th, a Wish blouse for a sister-in-law, a crystal scotch set that Ron Burgundy would be proud of for another pal and some hand knitted baby sweaters for my friend’s new addition to the family. I even have some vintage salt and pepper shakers at the ready for the next soiree!

For those of you whose hip pocket is hurting too, here are some little justifications if you’re thinking about hitting your local op shop for the next round of presents…

1. It’s personalized…it’s not your standard chocolates and candle combo. It will usually be something quirky and unique.

2. They say it’s the thought that counts and when you’re opshopping it’s not a straightforward purchase process. You have to hunt around and think about what that person would like and invest some time into it.

3. It’s all about recycling and being kind to the planet.

4. You’re helping charities at the same time…kind of like when you buy a pig for a developing country and give the gift card to your parents for Christmas.

5. There won’t be any chance of present double ups!