by | Secondhand Stories

You’re excited when you get the invite, then mild panic sets in….what will you wear to *insert fancy event here*?

If we’re being completely honest no one really wants to splash an entire paycheck on an outfit that they may only wear once and then stash in their cupboard.

But you still want to bring your A-game and outdress the room.

Enter Outdress, the free app that lets you raid wardrobes Australia-wide to find the perfect piece for your next soiree….crisis averted Cinderella…YOU WILL GO TO THE BALL!

And in designer garments like this Thurley dress that I wouldn’t even dream of wearing IRL normally…it retailed for $649 but you can rent it for the week for $65!

The best part about borrowing someone else’s killer cocktail outfits (aside from looking amaze for less), is that you’re not adding to the growing pile that will land in landfill one day. 6000kg of textiles get thrown away every 10 minutes here in Australia, so renting is a snappy way to slow that trend down.

Download the free app here or check out Outdress online for more inspo.