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If you don’t have an opshop wish list put these five secondhand staples on it! Every wardrobe needs them and they’re a dime a dozen in thrift shops!


I’ve thrifted so many white collars over the years I have a whole section in my wardrobe dedicated to them! Try thrifting for them on the men’s racks because they usually have plenty. Just look for a slim fit with some killer cuffs.

If it’s a tad big cinch it in by tucking it into something high waisted, but if it’s more tailored fit try a half tuck…it’s what all the cool kids are doing rn.


You can’t beat a vintage black or tan tote because they tend to go with pretty much everything! The best part about vintage handbags is a lot of them are made of leather and go for under $10, so make sure you hit the handbag section on your next visit to a secondhand store.


There are so many good reasons you need one but the most obvs one you probably already guessed…they also go with everything! And the good news is they’re quite common in the opshops.

Sling one around your shoulders and wear it as a cape to reveal more of the layer beneath, or wear it with the sleeves pushed up to show you mean bizness!


There’s nothing like a scarf to jazz up a basic ensemble and I can almost guarantee there’s a serious scarf selection at each thrift store. Most go for $2 and under, so treat yo self on your next visit and tie one on your handbag or around your neck!


There are SO many jeans at the opshops you’d be crazy not to give them a try…especially when you can snap up a pair for as little as $2.50! The trick to having a ‘sisterhood of the travelling pants’ moment is to try them on, even if they look too big or small on the hanger. And the beauty of buying secondhand denim is that it’s already been broken in!

I found these vintage Just Jeans button ups at Vinnies Oxley for $8, and just trimmed the hem to give them a DIY distressed edge.

If you’re looking for a ‘new’ pair head to a Vinnies store in Queensland from 17-23 July…they’re doing half price on all denim that week! Shut up and take my money!

What’s your favourite secondhand staples you can’t live without? Share them with me in the comments below…

Photographer: Annie of Thrifty over Fifty

Outfit: Vintage Just Jeans bootlegs – $8 @ Vinnies Corinda + black blazer – $2 @ Windsor Road Thrift Shop + Tux shirt – $5 @ Suited to Success + buckle bag – $4 @ Jumble Opshop South Tweed + scarf – $4 @ RSPCA Newfarm + loafers – $5 @ Yesterday’s Thrift Shop Rosalie.