I pretty much had a blouse bender at the Save the Children Op Shop in Toowoomba…while I was there I scored a Lady Manhattan pussy-bow blouse, a silk cream pussy-bow blouse, a paisley print vintage Katies shirt, a chambray floral shirt and a floral tie up top.

They don’t just stock blouses though, this cosy little store on Ruthven Street has plenty of super cute bric a brac, mens, womens and childrens wear, handmade stuffed toys and knee rugs knitted by local ladies and plenty of handbags and accessories, including two pairs of matching vintage frames for $2 a pop.

The highlight for my visit was making friends with Freda and Helen…some of the loveliest volunteers I’ve come across in my travels. If you don’t believe me check out the snap of their guest book…countless customers have raved on about their service!

Save the Children’s price range is super reasonable with most items going for around the $5 mark and at the end of the season they often do fill a bag for $5. The best part about shopping there, aside from the bargains, is that  all funds raised go to Save the Children’s work in over 110 countries.


Save the Children-7

Helen and Freda have both volunteered with Save the Children for the past few years and run the show on Saturdays. It doesn’t seem to be a chore for them though…they love every minute of it.

“It’s the companionship of the people, we all seem to get along so very well together,” Freda said.