You really have to be on your game to shop at the Preloved Boutique in Morningside as it’s only open for six hours each week!

It’s so worth scheduling a visit in though. The opshop’s been open for seven years and is crammed full of vintage clothing going for between $3 -$10, which is my kind of price range!

I had a spending spree while I was there and snaffled two black blazers, a vintage Table Eight floral singlet and a mustard dress for $3.

They stock really incredible crockery too, including Vintage Country Road shot glasses for $5, retro juice jugs for $2, and a tea set made in England for $7.50.

There’s also plenty of accessories with vintage hankies for $2, clip on earrings for 50 cents, and a heap of handbags, as well as a retro suitcase for $2.50!

Meet one of the A-team

Preloved boutique-14

Gail was one of the first volunteers onboard when the store opened and is now the convener.

“I just like being able to interact with the community. You do get people who come in from time to time who are in distress and we have been able to help them,” she said.

She also likes the retail therapy side of volunteering there.

“It’s a good way to get a new wardrobe. Most of my clothes are from here,” she said.

Most of the funds raised go to missions locally, interstate and overseas. They also make donations to Angel Flight and the Fred Hollows Foundation and support the local school chaplaincy programs.

They also send clothes over to people in need in Papua New Guinea and Fiji, so when you pop in spend up big and get behind all these worthy causes!

Address: Morningside Uniting Church, 43 Thynne Road, Morningside
Trading hours: 9am-12pm Friday – Saturday
Phone: 3390 5937