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All my life I’ve prided myself on being a thrifting ninja…that was until two years ago, when JT arrived! From that point on opshopping has been no mean feat, so if you’re doing the mum juggle like me, but still want to search for secondhand style, here’s my top ten tips and tricks I’ve learnt along the way…

1. Start them young…pretty sure JT hit the opshops in her first week on the planet (I was having withdrawals)! It’s definitely daunting because everything is so new with a newborn, but make the most of it while they can’t move! Pop them in a pram or baby carrier and bring them along for the ride.

2. When they start to move, find opshops that can close their front door and have no stairs! Keep that kid in lockdown!

3. Invite a friend and put them on ‘Aunty duties’ when you arrive.


My lovely friend, Bec, taking one for the team so I could get my thrift on!

4. Ply them with their favourite snacks…should buy you at least 10-15 minutes.

5. Opshops generally have a toy section so take them straight to their happy place and get them to pick a toy to play with while they shop with you.

6. Invite a friend with a kid around the same age that way they can entertain each other.

She wore these the entire time I was thrifting at the Salvos

7. Play hide and seek until they get too good at it…thought I’d actually lost JT the other day, because she’s so stealth! It wasn’t until she’d crunched on a Vege chip that I was able to track her down!

8. Always carry hand sanitizer in case they have a poo-nami mid thrift!!

9. Dress for the occassion…wear something you can change in and out of super quick, in case they start losing it.


JT’s entire outfit was thrifted for a total of $6!

10. Most of the lovely volunteers at opshops like small humans, so if they’re happy to entertain your rugrat let them!


The volunteers at the Gateway Baptist opshop in Mackenzie are the sweetest.

What are your opshopping tips and tricks for mums? Share your intel with us below…