by | Op Shop Lookbook

Everyone seems to be embroidering and monogramming at the moment, from personalising wallets, handbags and hats to even clothing! But before your fork out the big bucks for this luxe touch, try it the thrifty way!

After seeing A Pair & A Spare’s blog on embroidery I couldn’t help but give it a whirl and now I’m slightly hooked. So. Many. Crafternoons!

The first step is to find a blank canvas. I snapped up some fresh white tees for just $2-3 at both the Salvos and Vinnies!

Next you need to choose the text…’Beach Please’, ‘Running Latte’ or ‘Gone Thrifting’ are my personal favourites!

If you’re a font guru like You’re my Type then just free style it down on a piece of paper, but if your handwriting is half as bad as mine, type out your words in a cursive font type. Sign Painter-House Script is a bit of a winner in Word, just try a few different sizes either with all the words on one line, or semi stack them for something different.

Print off the doc to use as a stencil and then try your tee on to position the text where you’d like it to go. My preference is where the top’s left pocket would be positioned. Mark the first and last letter with lead pencil, then take the shirt off and trace the rest of the lettering with a hue close to the colour of your thread.

Cut two lengths of thread and thread them both through your needle so you get a more prominent look. Then get stitching!

Outfit: White tee – $2 at Vinnies Mary Street, Brisbane CBD + Gucci handbag – $6 at RSPCA Wacol + bandanna – $2 at Kenmore Uniting Church’s Refreshed Shop + leather mini – $25 on Gumtree.
Photos: The team at EightySix Cafe, 164 Baroona Rd, Rosalie, QLD.