NAME: Hills Op Shop
ADDRESS: 79 Queens Road, Everton Hills, Brisbane
NUMBER: 3353 3693
TRADING HOURS: 9.00am – 2:30pm Friday & Saturdays


This cute little op shop is crammed with goodness…from the garments, to the bric a brac, to the shoes, to the lovely team of volunteers…it really is a treat to visit!

On Fridays they also have a cafe out the back to bring the community together. A lot of elderly people and people with carers come and it’s their big day out for the week…it’s just lovely!

untitled-7431On my travels, I scored a Wish button up collared singlet for $4 and a peach blazer for $8. Was also tempted to purchase a retro fondue set for $10 and a legit fur coat for $30 but managed to find some self control! The prices are just so reasonable it’s hard not to buy everything!

Dresses $6, Shoes, Sweaters, Shorts, Skirts, Slacks, Tops $4, Jeans $3, T-shirts $1, Bags $4, Purses $1, a rummage section with a fill a bag for $2 option, Kids clothes and shoes range from 50 cents – $2
Earrings start at $1.

Hills op shop works with ‘Making a Difference Brisbane’ who help the homeless, providing clothing and other goods needed. They also supply crockery and cutlery to a residential facility near the Royal Brisbane Hospital.

The op shop raises about $45k per year which goes towards missionary work locally and overseas.



Margaret Beard is a walking billboard dressed from head to toe in clothes from the op shop. She has volunteered at Hills for a couple of years now and has loved every minute of it.

“It’s more than just an op shop. With a cafe out the back on Fridays it’s a place for the community to come together. A lot of elderly people and people with carers come on the Friday and it’s their big day out. This is the only day they go out, so they really look forward to it,” she said.


It almost feels like you have to be called Margaret to volunteer here…Margaret Wyndham is also another faithful volunteer and has been helping out at Hills for four years. Most of her wardrobe is filled with op shop goodies.

“It’s very difficult to spend a lot of money on clothing now that I’ve worked here. I wouldn’t pay retail again,” she said.

“I just love clothing, I love the fashion, I love designing layouts, working with the community and helping people,” she said.