NAME: Goodna Anglican  Op Shop
ADDRESS: 69 Alice Street Goodna
NUMBER: 3818 4077
TRADING HOURS: 10 – 2:30pm Wednesdays & Fridays


The stars really aligned last Wednesday when I just happened to drive past this treasure trove at 10am. This parish outlet is packed with plenty of quality vintage garments. I may have tried on 20 items but managed to calm myself down and narrowed my purchasing to eight pieces…the grand total was $20! I could have died and gone to heaven!

Aside from going on a vintage bender, I spotted loads of sweaters and knits, cute suitcases, mens shirts and bric a brac, as well as kids clothes and toys.


Jackets/Evening Dresses $8, Jeans/Trousers/Skirts/Day dresses $5, Shirts/Sweaters $4, Vests $3, Shorts/Tees/Singlets/Shoes $2, Handbags/Scarves $1