This treasure trove is a treat to visit and not just because of its wide range of vintage clothing at great prices! The lovely ladies that volunteer at the Good Samaritan are the icing on the cake for an all-round wonderful op shopping experience.

Ellen Hartwig (pictured centre above) has been volunteering in the store around 4 days per month for the last 28 years, which she says is time well spent.

“We have a lot of fun. We say silly things and laugh about it and it makes the day. It’s a real jolly time,” she said.

While the team get their giggle on they also raise thousands of dollars for multiple charities including the Cancer Council, Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

A lot of their garments are cheaper than a cheeseburger with bags and blouses starting at $1.50. On my last visit I scored a white blouse with a lace trim collar and a monochromatic blazer for $3.50, which made a cameo on my NYC trip recently.

“We get so much stock it’s wonderful and we don’t put really big prices on things because we get so much,” Ellen said.

Trading hours- 9:30am-2:30pm Monday – Friday
Address: 18 Bowen St, Toowoomba