Something I’ve learnt in life is the past can come back to haunt you; like Matthew McConaughey discovered in the 2009 flick, ‘Ghosts of Girlfriends past’.

Even the fashions of your past can come back to haunt you. Just the other day I realised I was wearing an ensemble I’d actually worn 15 years ago to see Silverchair at the Sydney Easter show. The denim jacket, white singlet, black button up denim skirt and barrel fringe took me right back to 1996.

I often find myself trawling through op shops for threads of a bygone era and and on one expedition I stumbled upon all these exquisite vintage dresses in mint condition tucked away at an Endeavour Foundation thrift store in Logan.

Like Matthew eventually realised, I’ve found there’s always something to be discovered when you re-visit the past

MODELS: Ruth Martini and Jasmine Lewis
PHOTOGRAPHERS: Lara Masselos + Hannah Klose
MAKE UP: Tanielle Davies
HAIR: Sophie Baxter from Crawford’s Hairdressing