Every garment has a story. A dress worn on a first date, a pair of earrings that were a 21st birthday gift, a t-shirt worn on the best family holiday ever, a sweater that saw someone through winters in a freezing Queenslander with no insulation, a homemade floral dress that someone spent hours making for a summer party.

Meaning and memories are woven into the fabric of every item that’s made its way to the shelves of second hand stores. Here’s a back story of a tourist tee…

NAME: Bevin Berg
AGE: Passed away at 87
GARMENT: Currumbin Sanctuary Tee
GARMENT ORIGIN: Currumbin Sanctuary (in case you didn’t put two and two together)
WHERE WORN: In his hood (Paddington)
WHAT DOES IT REMIND HIM OF: Hanging out with his brother on a special family outing to Currumbin Sanctuary…they used to go for two weeks holidays at Kirra every year since he was a kid. He ended up caring for his brother later in life, when he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.
OTHER STAPLES: The red sweater and the slippers, both well loved and full of holes.
HIS TWO CENTS: “My advice to people who despair and give up easily is to remember God gives us hurdles to jump over and these challenges will make us more equipped to face the future.”