I love going to Nanna’s house…partly because she has great snacks, but mainly because she always has a story to tell. She could talk me under the table! Given she’s been around 80+ years she’s got some great advice up her sleeve too. The latest pearl of wisdom she shared with me was on outfit repeating.

Nanna’s favourite dress has been living in her closet for over three decades. The first time she wore it was to her son’s wedding 32 years ago. She’s kept it in immaculate condition ever since with the help of a bit of dry cleaning and just last year she pulled it out again for her grandson’s wedding.

Even though it was long before the days of social media where you have a virtual record of every outfit and people can bust you for outfit repeating even if they weren’t at that particular event, she got caught out.

“My son’s wife’s bridesmaid was actually at my grandson’s wedding and she said to me ‘I remember that one’,” Nanna said.

Despite the fashion police catching up with her, she said she’d wear the dress again but she’d do her research first.

“I still like it and I would still wear it at a wedding as long as the people going hadn’t been to the other two weddings,” she said. #lessonlearned #doyourresearch