It’s always important to have a wing-woman when shopping. 88-year-old, Betty Baldock, is living proof. Over 25 years ago she took her sister-in-law to check out a dress she’d found in a boutique in Alderley.

“It had a rolled collar, it had peplum, it had a cross over skirt, it had frills on the sleeves, it had everything,” Betty said.

The sister-in-law vetoed the excessive ensemble and suggested this leopard print number with black trimming instead. It’s now been living in her wardrobe for the last 25 years and it’s had many outings including extensive bus tours to Lightning Ridge and Canberra.

“When I wear it out, people still comment on how nice it looks,” she said.

Betty’s bottom line…never underestimate the value of getting a second opinion/phoning a friend.