With fuchsia pink highlights in her hair it’s hard to believe Jennine Fanning is a great grandmother aka ‘Nan’!

At 74 years of age she scrubs up well in a gold ensemble, which has lived in her wardrobe for the past 17 years.

“I bought it up at Cassels in Toowoomba in 1997 for my son’s wedding,” she said.

She’s kept it all this time even though she only wears the two-piece number during the first month of Spring each year.

“I believe in the saying ‘waste not, want not’ because there might come a time when we’re sorry that we threw things away,” she said.

Jennine has been dying her hair pink for about five years.

“It used to be auburn colour, but over the years it’s just turned grey and I just don’t like my hair so I put some colour in it,” she said.

As well as pink hair, Jennine also has a bit of a green thumb and looks after all the plants at her local church.

“They put a bit of oxygen in the place,” she said.