1. Plan your itinerary…especially if you’re shopping on a Saturday when most op shop volunteers like to have an early mark. Start with the ones that close first and go from there. Click here to find the op shops around you.

2. Have a vision of the look you want to create before hitting the opshops. It helps to flick a fashion mag before you go so you know what’s on trend and you stay on track! I keep an opshop wish list in the notes section of my phone!

3. Dress code…wear something easy to get changed in and out of to save on time. Avoid buttons at all costs! I usually wear a dress and slip on shoes for a ninja shopping experience.

4. Find a thrifty wingwoman to drag along…it’s not as fun with one.

5. Look at everything…leave no stone unturned! I often find opshop gold in the kids and men’s clothing racks and even some incredible vintage pieces in the plus size section, as sizes have changed a lot over the years.

6. Use your imagination…a lot of the garments just need a little TLC, a good clean and a few stitches here and there and they’re good to go again, so keep a look out for those rough diamonds. Or try a DIY project, like converting a men’s shirt into an off the shoulder top or dress…the sky is the limit!

7. Always have coffee beforehand…even if you don’t drink it…it’s the best legal drug and it’ll give you an adrenalin kick.

8. Follow your favourite opshops on Instagram so you can keep your finger on the pulse with their sales and special offers!

9.Cash is king…not all op shops have made it into the 21st century so remember to raid your piggy-bank.

10. Be nice to the ladies who volunteer…they do an incredible job and make it possible for us to get retail therapy without breaking the bank. Play your cards right and they might even give you a discount too!

What are your tricks of the trade? Share them with us in the comments below…