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I like big buttons and I cannot lie, so when I found this linen jumpsuit with tiny buttons going for $6 at Yesterday’s Books and Things I knew I had to do a DIY!

The best part was I didn’t even have to hit the shops for DIY supplies…I raided my own wardrobe to make it happen and it was SO easy!

Even if you feel like you have zero skills in the sewing department I think you could give this button DIY a try and nail it!

Here’s how to get it done:

Step one – Thrift a linen jumpsuit, dress or top.

Step 2 – Raid your wardrobe to find something with nice wooden or tortoiseshell buttons that doesn’t actually need them…ie a cardigan because who actually buttons their cardigans up aside from your grandpa?!

Step 3 – Unpick said buttons with a handy little unpicker.

Step 4 – Unpick the existing buttons and loops on your ‘new’ garment if it has any.

Step 5 – Try your jumpsuit/dress/top on to figure out your button placement.

Step 6 – Mark up the garment where you’d like the buttons to go, find a thread that closely matches the colour of your buttons and get stitching!

Step 7 – Take your big buttons out on the town!

Have you ever made changes to something you’ve thrifted? Tell me your upcycling secrets in the comments below…