NAME: St Pauls Anglican Church
ADDRESS: Corner Waterworks and Jubilee Road, Ashgrove
NUMBER: 3366 2320
TRADING HOURS: 9am-1pm Wednesdays and Saturdays


With only two days each week to tap this thrift store, you really do need to make a special plan to pop in but it’s so worth it!

They stock a lot of designer clothes; Witchery, Bettina Liano, Veronika Maine and I purchased some Ray Ban sunglasses for $3 recently that were the real deal (they had prescription lenses- don’t worry I changed them!), but its the staff that really make it. They are just so lovely you could almost eat them up!

Every time I’ve been there they’ve been so hospitable, hanging up clothes in the changeroom for me to try on and complimenting me on the items I’d selected…some retail outlets could take a leaf out of their book!

The opshop turns over around $13K a year which supports the church, the people that went through the floods and other thrift shops.

Shoes are $2 – $10, garments range from $5 to $15
Childrens clothes – fill a bag for $5



Karen MacDonald has volunteered once a month for the past five years in the thrift store. She works full time as a high school teacher but sees the value in volunteering too.

“You get more out of it than you give. I really believe the road to happiness is giving,” she said.

She also finds it interesting and meets a wide range of people. Some have left a lasting impact.

“A very poor family came in here and they had a little baby girl, and there was a beautiful green dress for sale for $15 and I said to the lady, ‘you can have it for $5’ and the husband said ‘no, I want to spend $15 on this dress and pay full price for it because this is your special dress for the birth of this little girl’, so to me that was the nicest thing I’ve ever sold,” she said.