by | Op Shop Lookbook

In a time where some buy garments, wear them once and send them on their way to landfill, sustainable fashion advocate Livia Firth has thrown out a challenge to get 30 wears out of each piece of clothing. While I don’t have it completely nailed I think I’m getting there.

Here’s some of my favourite and oldest tricks in the book for turning a one-wear frock into a whole new wardrobe *cue the Aladdin soundtrack*

One of my favourite variations on the humble dress is wearing a collared shirt underneath to turn it into a pinafore and get all biz-ness!

Or you can take a turn to casual town, pop a tee underneath your frock and get all 90s on that bad boy.

Orrrrr pop a tee over the top, pull the fabric to one side and tie it in an 80s knot to cinch the waistline in and you’ve got yourself a cute skirt!

Depending on the dress you may also be able to squeeze one more skirt style out of it if it has an elasticated chest! I just shimmied this polka dot number down to make it a midi skirt and tied the straps up on the side.

But wait there’s more! Tuck the dress into a skirt that’s longer than your dress and you’ve just scored yourself a new top!

Andddddd if you’ve got a shirt dress up your sleeve, play with proportions and wear it unbuttoned over a tee and jeans.

What styling tips and tricks do you have for wearing your clothes different ways? Share them with me in the comments below and I’ll be your best friend!