by | Op Shop Lookbook

Got an old pair of boyfriend jeans that are past their prime? Try this simple DIY to turn them into a denim mini!

My thrifted $6 Cheap Mondays were looking pretty slim shady so here’s how I gave them a new lease on life…

Step 1 – Try the jeans on to figure out where you want to chop them (always go a bit longer than you think because for some reason they always look way shorter after giving them the chop)
Step 2 – Cut the inner seam of the jeans, leaving the decorative stitch on the front side
Step 3 – Then cut up the front and back middle seams (usually a few inches) so when you fold the angled piece over it lays flat. I’ve marked where I cut mine up to with pins.

Step 4 – Then sew the overlapped piece down onto the other side, right along the original stitching where the jeans were sewn together.
Step 5 – Pop in the washing machine to fray the edges.

Step 6– Take it to the street

It’s honestly such an easy DIY, so give it a try before you put your pants out to pasture!

What other DIYs have you done with old pairs of jeans? Share them with me in the comments below…